FAI Discoveries: 2015 Ultimate Ninja Competition

Ken Hill and Flow-Tricks have created The Ultimate Ninja Competition for flow arts ninjas. Interpret “ninja” however you wish. Ninja is a funny word, says Ken. Whenever you capture someone in the flow, and you feel like that dude is a ninja. That’s what we are trying to capture. All you have to do to enter is submit a 2 minute video of you being a ninja using original music before March 7th. With a round panel of ninja judges, and several categories, including ones for new artists and comedy and 3 mystery awards, no one should be deterred from entering. In Ken Hill’s opinion, everyone is a ninja. Don’t be intimidated or let the videos you’ve seen not try. Focus on the self-progression and don’t let anything stop you from creating your masterpiece of where you are right now.

This is the second Ultimate Ninja. The first one was just going to for nunchakus, so he asked a sponsor if they could help out. He then had the idea to open up the competition to all of flow art, and acquired more sponsors. Above you can view the entries from last year. The competition is actually not meant to be competitive. The prizes act as a lure to inspire people to enter, but he really wants people to try to capture the best that they are in that moment. The Ultimate Ninja Competition is a way for artists to create an awesome video of their interpretation of ninja. He coaches people on different ideas for their videos and inspires their self-progression.  Every person can wear a mask so that no one will know who you are. If the judges can’t figure out who you are, you get bonus points. Masking yourself will help you focus more on the creativity of your video.

The goal of the competition is to inspire people to create a masterpiece focused on individual self-progression. We want to capture everything that you are, tricks that you can do, and display it in a video that you can be proud of. We will have audience viewing the videos this year for additional voting. Anyone that votes will be entered into a raffle for 1 of 3 prizes. So, even if you don’t submit a video, you can still participate by sharing the competition or voting.

The list of prizes includes: one week of free poi lessons; fire rope dart, fire nunchaku, and fire contact sword from Dark Monk; a dragon staff from Trick Concepts; an acrostaff and disguised nuchaku from WizardTricks; $100 gift certificate to flowtoys, $100 gift certificate from Harmonic Threads, a contact fire sword from Ninja Pyrate; four poly pro hoops from Synergy Flow Arts; fire staff from Flowfires; a $50 Forged Creations;a $50 certificate to Dark Shadow, dancing with fire staff dvd from Fusion Arts

If the the hoop is the archetypal female form, could nunchuks be the same for the male masculine stereotype. You get this powerful feel by channeling martial arts into the flow arts. The Ultimate Ninja Competition exposes the martial arts community to the flow arts and vice versa.

There are a few people trying to create that bridge between the martial arts and flow arts. He’s found his niche between the two attempting to bring in a whole different kind of crowd into the flow arts. He’s witnessed people in martial arts tournaments adding flow arts elements to their routines. It is more creative and visually stimulating. Normally, the same moves seen over and over again in martial arts and it’s really interesting to see the bridge the two.

Are you ready to submit to the Ultimate Ninja Competition?

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