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//Vendor Feature l Forged Creations

Vendor Feature l Forged Creations

Forged Creations, a company known for creating some of the finest USA tech fans on the market, this couple has a real knack for crafting fire tools! Located in Temple,GA, Jay Becker the owner of the company is a skilled metal worker who redirected his passion towards props along with instructing, art pieces and more. Which just had us begging one question, where did it all begin?

How long have you been in business?

Jay Becker: “ I started out making ornamental iron handrails, sculpture, and home decor in 1999 then started making fire prop in Jan 2011.”

What’s your mission as a vendor? As a flow artist?

“ To set a higher standard for props in the fire circles of the world.”

Photo of Jay and Becca Becker by Noel Yee from the “Give Props” Documentary

Do you have supplemental income?

Jay Becker: I also am an amateur Miner and rockhound, we will be starting a new business selling crystals and minerals that we personally mined in 2016. I also occasionally make art pieces and do small projects with welding a metal fabrication.”

What did you do before you were a flow artist?

Jay Becker: “I watched t.v., ate too much, played video games, and spent money on fast cars and girls.”

Custom Art Piece by Jay Becker

How did the company get started? What’s the story?

Jay Becker: “ I was hanging out at the tattoo shop with my friend Chris who is a sideshow performer, He was working on fire eating in the parking lot and I was interested. We decided after a little research that I should make some fancy torches for him and the rest is history.”

How much time does it take and what does it entail to create your most popular product?

Jay Becker: “ It takes about 2 days to complete a batch of fans, I can make enough parts and complete the work in the shop on a pair in about 4 hours, then they get painted and dry overnight, the next day they get wicks, takes me about 3 hours per pair ( I am pretty fast ). “

How many prototypes did you test before releasing your most popular product?

Jay Becker:The prototypes were usually pretty good, So they always sold right away. I had a good Idea of where I wanted to go, and with the help of some people who really knew what they wanted, I have been able to refine the designs and dial them in to suit the most people. I just kept trying to improve the fans until I felt like I had reached a point they couldn’t get better. “

Photo of Jay Becker by A.M. Spexet

How does one even go about testing these products?

“ Spin them, burn them, every single day. The testing continues.”

What are some special projects you’re working on?

Jay Becker:I was recently asked to make the Incendia fire dome logo for the front of the custom DJ booth that will go in the main fire dome! I also make and produce the steel parts that make the Ninja Pyrate Dragonfly staff possible.”

What does the future hold for you and your company?

“ We hope to bring Tech fan spinning into a brighter light. Possibly organize a flow arts retreat.”

Find  Forged Creations at Flame, Kinetic, Fahrenheit, Playthink, Flow Camp and more this season! If you can’t stand the wait, be sure to checkout their products and connect with them via social media.

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