Making Your First Contact Staff

There are many whimsical and fantastic props out there, each with its own unique pros and cons, but there’s no disputing that staves are the best. Knowing that, obviously you want to start spinning a contact staff right away. Here’s how you can get to it!


What You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • A saw
  • Hardwood Broomstick (pictured) or other (aluminum tube recommended)
  • Bike tire innertubes (free if you ask for the blown ones at a bike shop)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Grip Tape

Steps for Creation:

  1. Grab your saw and lop off the rounded tip of the broom and the metal ferrule at the bottom – If you want to make a short staff, or are a short person, then take off more length. Typically, the longer a staff is the slower it will rotate, and the shorter it is the faster your staff will be. Longer staves compliment the beginner and the dancer, while short staves are used for fast paced, explosive routines, and doubles.1
  2.  Grab your grip tape, tape measure,  and staves. Mark out the center and  wrap a roll of grip tape on either side  of it, and tape down the edges.34
  3. Take those tire tubes and cut out the  metal nipple to create a uniform  tube.5
  4. Tape your tube about a half inch from the end of the staff and begin rolling, like you would to create a standard barrel wick. alternate between several lightly rolled layers, and several tightly wrapped ones for the most uniform weight.6
  5. Cover the layers with electric tape, just enough to cover the tubing, and then wrap the other end of the staff.8
  6. With both weights in place, use electric tape on either end to dial the balance in to your center mark. Once it no longer lists to one side you are good to go spin!9


Congratulations, you have just made your first contact staff! Get out there and get learning!

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