Tutsday – Contact Club Trap Combo with Josie Niine

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We are back with another exciting tutorial from the Flow Arts Institute archives!

This week, we have a clip captured from the incredible club juggler, Josie Niine. In addition to teaching and performing all over the world, Josie is the lead coach for the Nine Lives Project, an after school outreach enrichment program, currently based in the Pacific Northwest, that is designed to provide under-served youth with creative outlets, constructive forms of communication, and positive relationships with peers and adults.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Josie at Pacific Fire Gathering 2015, where she showed us the finer points of a cool Contact Club Trap Combo.

Let’s get to it.

Specifically, this is a “Contact Roll with a Half Turn ending in a Reverse Trap”

Don’t worry, we will walk through this together.

– With a club in each hand,  extend your left hand out diagonally across your body.

– Wrap your right hand under your left to the contact point on the outside of your left arm and chest stall on the other side.

– Turn towards the club as it falls diagonally over your right shoulder into a Reverse Trap with your left hand.

Contact club can be a bit skill intensive. Thankfully, Josie has a few more tips for what to do in those spots where you might find hangups.

– When the club is at the chest stall, make sure the club actually gets into the stall, allowing you the time (and placement) to turn and catch with the Reverse Trap.

– When performing the Reverse Trap portion of this technique, make sure to have your left hand ready to catch and Trap the falling club.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Tutsday.

You can find Josie on Facebook and Instagram. For performance or teaching inquiries, please email:  josiejuggles@gmail.com

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