December 11 2017

Tutsday: Kennedy Jenkins – Folding with Triads

By | 2017-12-11T17:53:56+00:00 December 11th, 2017|FAI Tutsdays|

Hello again, Flow Arts Family! We are back with another exciting edition of the Flow Arts Institute's tutorial series called Tutsday! We were lucky enough to run into Kennedy Jenkins at FLAME 2017, where he had enough time to pass along some of his triad knowledge for us to share with you. Check out this awesome tutorial [...]

November 15 2017

Tutsday: Maghoops with Jozette Gordon

By | 2017-11-20T17:39:38+00:00 November 15th, 2017|FAI Tutsdays|

Happy Tutsday everyone!  In this quick tutorial, we highlight the amazing Jozette Gordon. She shows us a mesmerizing and unique type of hoop called Maghoops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w82Z4PJe0r8&feature=youtu.be Maghoops are a new and a magical way to play. There are two magnets in each hoop. Line up all three magnets in the hoops. Begin by holding [...]

September 25 2017

Tutsday – Greg Haskins – Snake Air Wrap

By | 2017-11-07T17:16:22+00:00 September 25th, 2017|FAI Tutsdays|

Happy Tutsday! Ready to learn a swifty poi trick? Greg is here to show us a slick combo called a snake air wrap. The prerequisites to this trick are split time, same direction and snakes. As you snake, one will be going over your shoulder, while one will be going underneath your armpit. As this movement flows, [...]

August 21 2017

Tutsday – Boum Twa – “The Buttery Biscuit”

By | 2017-08-21T15:44:52+00:00 August 21st, 2017|FAI Tutsdays|

Say hello to Boum and Twa! Today, they will be showing us the Buttery Biscuit for this week’s Tutsday! Want to learn this sweet hat sequence? Of course, you do. As I always say, anything to do with butter and biscuits is worth getting involved with. Aaaand now I’m hungry. But let’s get started. This [...]

July 24 2017

Tutsday – April Choi – Fire Eating/Fleshing Combo

By | 2017-07-24T19:05:39+00:00 July 24th, 2017|FAI Tutsdays|

Hello, everyone! We are pleased to have April Choi here at FLAME 2017 to teach you a fleshing/fire eating combo. In this video, there are two torches. Torch A has the blank wick, while Torch B has the striped wick. Torch A will start fully fueled. Torch B will start quarter fueled. Start with your [...]

August 9 2016

Tutsday – Noel Yee – Poi – Toss Combo

By | 2017-02-27T17:17:59+00:00 August 9th, 2016|FAI Tutsdays|

Hello again. We have returned for another installment of Tutsday, the fantastic tutorial series brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute! This time, we have another from this year’s Kinetic Fire from Mr. VTG-sus himself, Noel Yee. Noel is heavily involved with the Flow Arts Institute and many different events. He is a very [...]

June 28 2016

Tutsday – Weebit – Yo-Yo – The Bind

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:00+00:00 June 28th, 2016|FAI Tutsdays|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNr6twVWZpA Howdy folks! We are back with another exciting entry to the Flow Arts Institute's Tutsday archives! This week, we have a clip from Kinetic Fire, featuring the talented Yo-Yoer, Aaron Simpson, aka Weebit, with a cool Yo-Yo trick called "The Bind”. This trick can start a few different ways, but Weebit says the [...]

May 3 2016

Tutsday – Frank Fortney – Diabolo – Changing Directions

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:05+00:00 May 3rd, 2016|FAI Tutsdays|

Hey there folks! We are back with another tutorial from the archives at the Flow Arts Institute. This week we have the multi-talented Flowhio flow artist, Frank Fortney.  Frank is an organizer for multiple FAI events including Kinetic Fire, CampFire, and Fahrenheit. Frank is here this week to show us how to change directions with [...]

April 27 2016

Tutsday – Jacquie Tar-Foot – Hoop – Ghost Isolation

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:05+00:00 April 27th, 2016|FAI Tutsdays|

https://youtu.be/m3EChWR4fkA Hey there folks! We are back, yet again, with another exciting edition of Tutsday, brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring a few tutorials that were shot at this year's FLAME Festival by the amazing Justin Kennedy and Three Eyes Unlimited. First up on [...]

March 15 2016

Tutsday – Cassaundra Smyth – Contact Roll to Poi Juggling start

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:06+00:00 March 15th, 2016|FAI Tutsdays|

Greetings, fine people of Flowartia. We are back with another video from the FAI archive for this week’s Tutsday! This week, we have Cassaundra Smyth from Madtech Manipulations. Cassaundra is a phenomenal poi spinner and juggler hailing from Oakland, CA. We were able to catch up with Cassaundra at Pacific Fire Gathering 2015, where she [...]

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