Tesla Tutting Tutorial Tutsday

Hello again, fine people of the Flow Arts.

We are back with another exciting tutorial from the archive at the Flow Arts Institute!

This week we have another FLAME festival feature shot and edited by the amazing Justin Kennedy of Three Eyes Illuminated, this time from Tesla!

This 19 year old Confluence Liquid Battle top 16 competitor and winner of the Vreeland Award was gracious enough to give us a lesson in the Tutting Grid.

Let’s get started.

Note that this only covers the up and down directions in the grid.

For simplicity’s sake, we will move through this one hand at a time.

The first and second positions are palms down with your fingertips touching.  Try to make your hands completely flat, don’t be discouraged if you have to train your hands to do so.

Move your Right Wrist to Left Elbow with your hand pointed down.

Then move your Left Wrist to Right Elbow with your hand pointed down.

Flip your hands up, making sure to put one arm in front of the other, not on top.

Make sure to start this next part with your outermost hand.

Following along with Tesla, move your Left Wrist up to your Left Shoulder.  Make sure that your palms face down with your hands pointed inward.

Then move your Right Wrist to your Right Shoulder. Make sure that, again, your palms are facing down and your hands are pointed inward.

Raise your elbow to the height of your wrists as your hands hinge upward.  This position looks something like holding a box.  

Unfold your arms so that your elbows are horizontal, your forearms are straight up and down, and your hands are folded inward with your palms facing down.

For the next position, open your hands to a palms up position and hug your biceps to your ears. This may a bit wonky at first, but with some discipline and training, you will be fine.

Next, we move to the top of this technique, you should have each arm fully extended, straight up from the shoulder, with your hands folded inward in the palms down position.

From here, we will move down through the pattern.

Fold your hands into the opposite biceps.

Drop your biceps down to your midsection, keeping one arm in front of the other and your hands faced palms out, as flat as you can.

Unfold your arms, one at a time, into the bottom position, with your palms up and hands pointed at each other.

All together, this should allow you to climb up and down the grid in a geometric fashion.

We hope that helps push your tech to the next level.  Thanks for checking out this week’s Tutsday!

Thanks to Tesla for giving us a lesson in the grid.  If you would like to keep up with him, check out his fan page, Tesla Tech.

Thanks to Justin Kennedy at Three Eyes Illuminated for the video shoot and edit!

Have a great week everyone!  See ya next week!



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