Tutsday – Willow Solow – Poi – Clever Toss/Handswitch

//Tutsday – Willow Solow – Poi – Clever Toss/Handswitch

Tutsday – Willow Solow – Poi – Clever Toss/Handswitch

Hey there folks!!

We are back with another installment of the Flow Arts Institute’s tutorial series, Tutsday!

This week, Willow Solow returns with a tasty poi handswitch/toss combo. We caught up with Spinmorepoi’s founder at Kinetic Fire 2015 and it was there that he broke it down for us.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • With one hand, (let’s call this hand #1) perform a “reverse flippy thing to the head of the poi” as demonstrated here. This is accomplished by spinning backwards and flicking the handle up and away from your body, then grabbing the head of the poi.  (It is okay to use whichever hand you like, just make sure to learn an accompanying toss with the other hand.)
  • Immediately after catching the head of the poi, flick the handle into the downward facing palm of hand #2, behind your back. (Don’t worry, we will talk more about this)
  • Release the poi head and thus, the first poi into hand #2.Meanwhile, on your opposite side…
  • There is a timing to this. Wait for the flick and grab detailed above. When you have the poi head in hand #1, throw the poi in hand #2 into the air.
  • When the hand #2 is free, immediately place that hand behind your back, palm facing downward to receive the handle of the 1st poi.
  • Catch the thrown poi with hand #1.

This may sound a bit complicated, but never fear, with some intentioned practice and dedication, you can DEFINITELY learn how to do this.

Willow mentions that you can do this technique with any kind of toss, which makes for a lot of room for creativity and exploration.

We at the Flow Arts Institute hope that this helps you on your journey through the realms of flow.

Thanks for reading the thing.
Be well and be safe!


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