Tutsday – April Choi – Fire Eating/Fleshing Combo

Hello, everyone!

We are pleased to have April Choi here at FLAME 2017 to teach you a fleshing/fire eating combo.

In this video, there are two torches. Torch A has the blank wick, while Torch B has the striped wick.

Torch A will start fully fueled.

Torch B will start quarter fueled.

Start with your arm extended across your chest with your palm faced upwards. You will have both torches in this hand in an open cross grip. Torch A not lit and closest to your arm, Torch B lit and facing perpendicular to your arm.

Stroke torch A’s wick parallel to your arm with the wick closest to your body, down your arm towards your palm. Drop torch A between your fingertips with the wick just barely peaking on top.

You will then trace torch B to transfer the flame to torch A. Push torch A upwards to put the flame out on your arm out while catching the torch.

Extinguish torch B with a pencil or ice pick grip and swinging your arm around fully extended.

Next keep torch A lit and gripped in a thumb clip. Toss torch B with one full rotation into your hand with torch B.

Transfer the flame from Torch A to B, by pinching the wick from underneath and twisting your wrist to bring the unlit wick to your fingers.

That’s it! Add this show-stopping combo to your routine.

Show us your version of this trick! We would love to see it!  Create an Instagram or Facebook video and tag @flowartsintitute and hashtag #tutsday.


April Choi is a performer that has studied dance and movement arts for over 20 years in a myriad style of dance, martial arts and fire performance. She is experienced in Swing, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Latin, Tango, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Fire Eating, Contact Staff, and Playing Card Manipulation. She has extensive knowledge and astonishing abilities in whip cracking. She has an M.S. in Computational Fluid Dynamics, currently an Analytical Engineer in the Peoria, Illinois area and travels to teach and perform on television, at conventions and festivals all over the world.

Make sure to check out her workshops at CampFire in Minnesota, July 27-31.


Megan Huizel  

Video and edit by Moxie Watts


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is meant for those with experience eating/fleshing fire. If you have never attempted something like this and wish to learn, please find a qualified instructor.

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