Tutsday: Kennedy Jenkins – Folding with Triads

Hello again, Flow Arts Family!

We are back with another exciting edition of the Flow Arts Institute’s tutorial series called Tutsday!

We were lucky enough to run into Kennedy Jenkins at FLAME 2017, where he had enough time to pass along some of his triad knowledge for us to share with you.

Check out this awesome tutorial on Folding with Triads.

Video here

This trick is primarily performed in “Spine Grip”, which by definition would be when you are holding on to a single spine of the Triad.

This technique relies heavily on the relations of the props to one another.  This pattern uses two distinct relations. One is called X or Split X, and that is when the props meet at the center with one end point each. The other important relation in this pattern is called Diamond, which is when the props meet at the center with 2 endpoints each, creating a diamond shape.

Kennedy’s pattern utilizes the 9-Square Grid framework, if you are unfamiliar with that, start here with Charlie Cushing’s breakdown on the theory.

Starting on one of the sides on the square in Diamond Relation, fold toward the middle to put your Triads in Split X, continue that motion all the way across to return to Diamond Relation on the opposite side.

Kennedy notes that if you were to start the pattern in Split X, the reverse happens, you would fold them into Diamond Relation in the middle, and Split X on the opposing side.

Essentially, you are switching between the two positions as you move around the 9-Square Grid.

After you get comfortable moving from Left to Right, Up and Down, and around the 9-Square Grid, try moving diagonally through the pattern to find your own pathways through the shapes!

Special thanks to Kennedy Jenkins for the knowledge, Moxie Watts for the video and edit, and FLAME Festival for being so amazing!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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