Tutsday: Maghoops with Jozette Gordon

Happy Tutsday everyone! 

In this quick tutorial, we highlight the amazing Jozette Gordon. She shows us a mesmerizing and unique type of hoop called Maghoops.

Maghoops are a new and a magical way to play.

There are two magnets in each hoop.
Line up all three magnets in the hoops.

Begin by holding your hands onto the magnets, while gripping your fingers between the hoop.
An opening and closing fold are good for transitions.
Practice popping off the front hoop and back hoop, which gives you the ability to flip the hoops open and close.

To isolate, begin to lift up and trace the hoops around the center of the hoop. Add a flip for an extra oomph!

Try to open your hoops across your body and turn to your right or left. With the new plane, use the hoops to isolate around.

Maghoops require a lot of experimenting to bring out their magic.

Jozette Gordon is the co-owner of the professional fire performance company Fire Magick. She has been performing and teaching flow arts since 2008 and loves to spread joy through prop manipulation. Residing in northern NY, she often travels around the country to perform and teach workshops. She is most well known for her partner fire fan performances with Seth Hill, being a pioneer of “wooping” – dancing with hoop and long string leviwand together, and flowing with Maghoops! Jozette has performed at FLAME, Fire Drums, WildFire, the NYC Flow Show and more!

Show us your Maghoop tricks! We would love to see it!  Create an Instagram or Facebook video and tag @flowartsintitute and hashtag #tutsday and #maghoops.

Until next time my flowmies,

Megan Huizel
Video by Moxie Watts




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