Tutsday Fancy Poi Tricks w/ Keith Marshall

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Hey there folks!

It is time for this week’s entry of the Flow Arts Institute’s tutorial series, TUTSDAY!!

This week we have dug into the archives to find this gem from FireDrums 2013.  The amazing Keith Marshall shows us how to add movement and character to poi tossing.  Keith hails from Scotland and has been a strong source of inspiration from across the pond for the last few years.

Keith begins by showing us the basic poi toss that most poi spinners do.  He explains that many a poi spinner will wait til after they have caught the poi, to move the rest of their body. This is a missed opportunity.

As Keith says, “Once the poi is in the air, you have all of this time to do something.

Keith mentions that you can do a cool trick or add comedy to add some flavor to your toss but the possibilities with this idea really are endless.  The options are really only as limited as your imagination.  His workshop at FireDrums 2013 covered many ideas but there is still plenty to explore. Keith’s favorite idea from that workshop was this clever Poi Toss variation.

-Start by tossing the poi straight up.

-Reverse the direction of your arm from the toss.

-Catch the poi on the way down.

It’s that simple.

There you have it. Time to go practice. Have fun with that one folks! See ya next week <3!


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