Tutsday – Weebit – Yo-Yo – The Bind

Howdy folks!

We are back with another exciting entry to the Flow Arts Institute’s Tutsday archives!

This week, we have a clip from Kinetic Fire, featuring the talented Yo-Yoer, Aaron Simpson, aka Weebit, with a cool Yo-Yo trick called “The Bind”.

This trick can start a few different ways, but Weebit says the best way to enter is with a forward throw down to your side.

The second step is to curl the string around your finger, letting the Yo-Yo balance itself on the string, in a position known as the “Trapeze”.

Next, while letting the Yo-Yo roll up the string toward your stationary hand, throw the loop into the gap between the Yo-Yo and your hand to make it return to the your hand.

For the “Breakaway” version, which is with a side throw, you will want to land in a “Trapeze” and use a toss to an “Under Mount”, before proceeding with the trick, to avoid getting tangled in the string.

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Thanks for stopping by, fine people of the Flow Arts!

Special thanks go out to Emily Bradley  (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) and Jason Fields for their film and editing work on this video!

Until next time, <3.


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