FAI Tutsday – Noel Yee – Vulcan Tech Gospel – VTG


This week, we have one from Master Splinter himself, Noel Yee.  Noel is a veritable OG of the flow arts world.  Noel is heavily involved with the Flow Arts Institute, IJA, FLAME Festival, Kinetic Fire Festival, Give Props Documentary, and a lot more behind the scenes.  Noel is currently performing in The Foreways Project, the Vulcan Crew, and SpinCo.

We caught up with Noel at Pacific Fire Gathering while he was teaching one of his famous Vulcan Tech Gospel workshops and he gave us a breakdown of this comprehensive flow arts based movement theory.


1. Timing and Direction – refers to how two objects move through space.

2. Patterns/Shapes – this refers to the shapes that are made from Timing and Direction.

3. Snapshots/ Prop Facing – The way a specific pattern will look at a specific moment in it’s path around the pattern.

Transition Theory

Together, the 3 areas in the VTG Trinity make up what is called transition theory.

Transition Theory can be simply defined as how you can move from one pattern to another.

These are the components that create the patterns that you make.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the better you understand each component, the better you will be able to utilize transition theory in your flow.

Find out more about the incredibly useful Vulcan Tech Gospel from Noel during his famous Sunday School classes at a flow festival near you. Follow him on Facebook here > NOELTECH.

Have a fantastic rest of your week.


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