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September 14 2015

September Instructors of the Month | Cassie McKenney and Brian Thompson

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:27+00:00 September 14th, 2015|Instructor of the Month| Even if you don't know these people, you know their faces and their skills and style pervade the flow arts community through their sheer talent and drive for the community.  Having shared their act and instructional knowledge at the likes of Flow Show San Francisco, MOPS, and IJA, we have been blessed [...]

August 3 2015

August Instructors of the Month: Katrina Gay & DoodLe

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:31+00:00 August 3rd, 2015|Instructor of the Month|

Katrina Gay Based out of Louisville, Ky, Katrina began her flow career in the magical world of Flow Camp 2012. With a background in dance and theatre, she was introduced to a hoop and had no idea the direction her life was about to take thanks to this beautiful art. Since [...]

July 13 2015

July 2015 Instructors of the Month: Juan & Perkulator

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:33+00:00 July 13th, 2015|Instructor of the Month|

Introducing our instructors of the month for July are Juan Guardiola and Emily Perkulator! They both are currently located in Chicago where you can take regular classes from them and are members of the Chicago Fire Technicians. Emily Perkulator Perkulator, born Emily Perkins, has been spinning hoops for over 4 years. Her passion [...]

June 15 2015

June Instructor of the Month: Lux Luminous

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:37+00:00 June 15th, 2015|Instructor of the Month| Introducing the marvelous Lux Luminous currently based in Boston, MA. She was introduced to the flow community through the hoop in 2010 and went on to explore other props until she found the levitation wand also known as flow wand. 6 months after practicing, she added fire to her levi-wand. As co-creator [...]

April 6 2015

April Instructor of the Month: Jeremiah Johnston

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:44+00:00 April 6th, 2015|Instructor of the Month, Uncategorized| Introducing our April Instructor of the month, Jeremiah Johnston aka Jeremiah the Juggler  hails from Murphy's California. Check out his website and Facebook page to follow his tour dates. Jeremiah dedication and talent shine through his many years of practice and achievements in both the prop manipulation world and the Flow Arts scene. In addition to his [...]

March 2 2015

March Instructor of the Month: Gail O’Brien

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:49+00:00 March 2nd, 2015|Instructor of the Month| She lives in Belfast, Ireland, UK and is the owner and founder of Hoopspin. Recently a winner of a Hoopie for the Instructor of the Year  for 2015 from, Gail O'Brien continues to awe and amaze us to say the least. Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher [...]

February 2 2015

February 2015 Instructor of the Month: Tyler Spades

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:52+00:00 February 2nd, 2015|Instructor of the Month| Background Tyler Spades' passion for the flow arts becomes clear when you look at his list of appearances and activities. Stationed in Portland, Oregon, he specializes in Contact Staff and Contact Sword, but plays with a variety of other props as well.   He's been involved in the flow arts practice since 2007.  Included [...]

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