Introducing the marvelous Lux Luminous currently based in Boston, MA. She was introduced to the flow community through the hoop in 2010 and went on to explore other props until she found the levitation wand also known as flow wand. 6 months after practicing, she added fire to her levi-wand. As co-creator of the contact wand, her style is incredibly unique. She explores deep into the abilities of her prop’s movement pairing that with a deep knowledge of the history as well. In addition to her dedication to instruction, she actively cultivates conversation within the conclave of levi-wand spinners through the Levitation Stick facebook group.

She occasionally teaches workshops in Boston, and you may have seen her at:

  • Flow Market
  • Wombat
  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • Fahrenheit
  • Campfire
  • Renegade teaching at Kinetic Fire
  • New England Flow Fest

She’s been featured at the Flow Show NYC, in a flowtoys exclusive video, and in Momentum. You can schedule a private skype lesson with her for $20/hr by contacting her at