Tutsdays: Marvin Ong Contact Club Chi Rolls and Spirals

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Greetings fine folks!  We are back again this week with another Tutsday! This time, we have the unbelievably talented Marvin Ong, or Grand Master Ong, of Master Ong’s Prop Shop.  Marvin is an amazing juggler and manipulator who spends much of his time drilling patterns and techniques. He is known for his very high level of discipline and incredible cleanliness in his motions.  Aside from traveling and teaching at events all over the world, Marvin is hosting the M.O.P.S festival, Manipulation 2015 in just a few short days.  Stop by his prop shop or check out the event page on Facebook for more details!

We caught up with Marvin at Kinetic Fire festival 2015 and he demonstrated to us some awesome contact club techniques called Chi Rolls and Spirals.

I would like to first note:  these techniques are rather skill intensive.

It is okay to drop things.  It happens all of the time.  

As a wise sage once said to me, “Do not let yourself be discouraged by a drop, but be glad that you have the opportunity to pick it back up.” Now that we have that covered, let’s get to it.

To be able to Spiral, one must first have the Chi Roll.  

The Chi Roll is a contact technique.  The club travels along your forearm as your arm moves in a circular motion. Make sure to drill both the inside and outside Chi Rolls because you are going to need them both to complete the Spiral.  Marvin points out that the more that you move your arm, the more stable the club will be on it’s path.

The Spiral is an above the arm Chi Roll linked with a below the arm Chi Roll. As long as you can maintain the balance, this move can be done repeatedly.   

Marvin shows how this technique can be linked in with other awesome Contact techniques like the Steve.  Marvin is always coming up with awesome techniques and tricks. Lucky for us, he films alot of them, so make sure to follow his disciplined adventures in Juggling and Flow Arts on his Instagram page >  Instagram.com/GrandMasterOng

Thanks for checking out this week’s Tutsday!  

Remember D is for Disaprin.  Go Practice.



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