Tutsday – Noel Yee – Poi – Toss Combo

Hello again.

We have returned for another installment of Tutsday, the fantastic tutorial series brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute!

This time, we have another from this year’s Kinetic Fire from Mr. VTG-sus himself, Noel Yee.
Noel is heavily involved with the Flow Arts Institute and many different events. He is a very busy guy, so we are humbled to have the extreme privilege to be able to bring this ultra rare footage of this incredibly valuable Poi lesson by the one and only, Master Splinter.

Noel has been working on this trick for years now.  He attributes the inspiration for this neat trick to Zack Lyttle.

To start this trick off, Noel suggests practicing the first catch before you really get started.

To practice the first catch, from Split time/Same Direction, throw one of the poi under the opposite arm and catch the head of the poi in the same hand that should still contain the other poi handle.

After getting this down, move onto the next section by twisting your wrist in the same direction as the spin, to whip the handle around into your empty hand.

Release the poi head from your hand to keep the momentum.

Make sure to practice this move on the opposite side to be able to complete the circuit from left to right or vice versa.

To close off the lesson, Noel even demonstrates another way that this technique can be used. This shows us that there are many pathways through the flow and that we should remain open to all possibilities if we are to truly innovate.

We at the Flow Arts Institute hope that you gathered much from Noel’s sagely advice, if you’d like to follow him on Instagram, you can do so here > @noeltech.

A special thanks go out to Jason Fields and Emily Bradley (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) for shooting and editing these fine tutorials.

See ya next time!

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