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December 29 2015

Instructor of the Year Nominees | CampFire

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:16+00:00 December 29th, 2015|Festival Spotlight, Instructor of the Month|

  Camp Fire is an annual retreat located in Minnesota.  It serves as a focal point for the performing arts community to gather and transmit the experience of collective and individual transformation through active participation in expressive forms of communication with the ultimate goal of promoting conscious living and a [...]

Instructor of the Year Nominees | FireDrums

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:17+00:00 December 28th, 2015|Festival Spotlight, Instructor of the Month|

FireDrums is the longest running flow arts and fire festival in the world. This historic event taking place in California brings together flow artists from around the world with the mission of uniting the cultures of fire dancing, fire performance arts, and flow arts. It strives to achieve [...]

Instructor of the Year Nominees | Kinetic Fire

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:17+00:00 December 28th, 2015|Festival Spotlight, Instructor of the Month|

Kinetic Fire is a 4 day fire performer’s paradise, held May 19th - 22nd in College Corner, Ohio. The event is designed to provide a fun and open-share communal environment in which object manipulators and fire artists from all over the Midwest and the world can learn, teach, and advance [...]

Instructor of the Year Nominees | FLAME

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:17+00:00 December 24th, 2015|Festival Spotlight, Instructor of the Month|

FLAME Festival is the largest annual gathering of fire performers in the Southeast United States.  Every year on the 2nd weekend of April, hundreds of performers gather for the sake of growth and innovation. During the day, we hold classes on a variety of props so everyone - whether you're new or veteran - [...]

2015 Instructor of Year Contest

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:18+00:00 December 23rd, 2015|Festival Spotlight, Instructor of the Month|

Instructor of the Year Contest! Here at the Flow Arts Institute, we value quality instruction. Each FAI festival nominated up to 5 Instructors that taught in 2015 and were regional or specific to their fest. All previous Instructors of the Month for 2015 received a default nomination.The instructors then compiled their [...]

May 8 2015

Kinetic Fire 1st annual Championship Games, 3 FlowShows and more

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:40+00:00 May 8th, 2015|Festival Spotlight|

We did an interview with Pyrus, the General Manager for Kinetic Fire to get an insider's view of what to expect with this year's Kinetic Fire. Pyrus was one of the leading forces behind the creation and development of Kinetic Fire. He’s been involved since the beginning of it’s inception. After discovering the Flow Arts community [...]

March 27 2015

Festival Spotlight: FLAME

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:46+00:00 March 27th, 2015|Festival Spotlight|

So, you're ready to get the season started? Want to take instruction from amazing instructors? Want to be immersed amongst some of the best spinners in the country? Then come to FLAME April 9th - 12th. We have new hoodies available as you can see below.   Full schedule can be found here. Instructors are as follows: [...]

FireDrums Announcements!

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:47+00:00 March 13th, 2015|Festival Spotlight|

FireDrums is stepping it up this year bringing in internationally renowned talent like Wes Peden, Steve Bags and Valentina Martin of Twisted Orbit, Simon Jansen, and more instructors to be announced. A massive drum circle by Sambamore and the return of the firewalk led by Kevin Axtell, director of the Firewalking Center.           [...]

FAI Festival Spotlight: Pacific Fire

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:48+00:00 March 6th, 2015|Festival Spotlight|

Pacific Fire Gathering is a festival like no other. It's nestled at a venue that captures both the beautiful Oregon coastal forest and the Pacific Ocean beach connecting you into your practice and nature. Dates are set for September 17-20, 2015. Tickets will be on sale June 1st. Their website recently was redesigned, so check [...]

February 27 2015

FAI Festival Spotlight: Kinetic Fire

By | 2017-02-27T17:18:50+00:00 February 27th, 2015|Festival Spotlight|

Kinetic Fire will be taking place  this year from May 14 to May 17 at Hannon's Camp America just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. This festival is the biggest flow fest in the country with roughly 800 attendees, and they have a killer lineup this year with more to be announced. It's uniquely positioned in the Midwest to [...]

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