May 11 2017

The Arrogance of Competence

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For the Flow Arts Institute By Eric “Propfessor” Shibuya, PhD A discussion arose recently in the fire spinning community over some videos of people burning in non-fire safe clothing. The arguments have taken two main positions: (1) This is really dangerous and you shouldn't do it. It hurts the rest of the community if people [...]

April 19 2017

Spinning Fire in New Hampshire

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Spinning Fire In New Hampshire   As we get into the warmer months, people are already dusting off their gear getting ready to either spin fire for the first time or the five millionth time. The first warm days make us think of warmer nights when spinning can happen outside without the limitations of thick [...]

August 15 2016

A Look at Poi Research: A Spin on Ageing

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    For many of us in the Flow Arts, we are aware there is a connection between spinning and our personal wellness. Now, we are reaching a place where the effects of these arts can be studied to obtain scientific evidence supporting these longtime held beliefs. One of the people leading the way in [...]

Developing a Marketable Brand: Part 2

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- Becoming aware of your target audiences Once you found your shtick, begin doing research on what type of people would watch you on television or be eager to meet you in person. Who follows you on Instagram? Who comments on and likes your posts? This is your audience and your market. Think outside of [...]

July 14 2016

Intellectual Property and the Flow Arts, Part 2

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In the last article we broke down IP into its three main categories, Patent, Copyright, and Trademark and examined what is protectable subject matter and examples of each. This article will address how the government agencies determine what may be protected, the rights assigned by law to the owners of IP, and how the owners may [...]

February 5 2016

20 ways to be Unprofessional

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Do these things to get fewer gigs and/or instructor spots There are a few things that will ruin your professional career as a freelance artist quickly, do a few of these often, and you will run into some hot water. Don’t follow through on your word Cancel events last minute Don’t have a safety when [...]

Developing a Marketable Brand, Part 1

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  What is your image? Your image is what people see when they walk past you on the street. It's what they feel when you introduce yourself to them. It's what they get from the presence you have online and in general media, and the character they get to know through your performance. Many people [...]