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FAI Tutsday: Nunchuku grab w/ Ken Hill

Ken Hill shows us a different way to catch the nunchuk on our bicep versus our hand. He then adds a transition slicing the nunchuk over to our back shoulder. This is a really neat move to practice your ninja like skills. Try it out with your contact poi, too.

FAI Swag: Vulcan Tech Gospel Poster

  With our new site comes some new merchandise for all you techy folks. This beautiful display of the Vulcan Tech Gospel will help you increase your skills to get ready for the season. For only $10, you can upgrade your tech understanding with this stylish and informative poster. This Tech Poster highlights parts of the VTG 1 and 2 With …

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Flow Arts Discoveries: What is Poi?

History Poi originally comes from the Maori people of New Zealand, where it involves a longstanding tradition of music, dance, and singing. Traditional poi are made from natural materials for the cord and ball. The modern practice is significantly different from the traditional. The dances are less structured, the music can be anything we choose, and we have many different types …

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Tuesday Tutorial Feature: Contact Poi w/ Dave Statik

  Dave Statik with a great contact poi trick/tutorial. Statik goes over the ins and outs of the 9 square Contact Poi Roll framework. Some of you might have seen Jeremiah Johnston recording this at Kinetic Fire 2014, but here’s the recap for you. The goal is to combine contact rolls and flowers. It is essential to use multiple stacking …