March 26 2017

HUMANS of Flow Arts | Jonah Digirolamo

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Known as the other half of Team Struggles is Jonah Digirolamo . Currently a resident of  Cincinnati Ohio, Jonah hails from Lexington Kentucky, having spent his life split living between the two states.His first exposure to the flow arts came through the Burning Man Community while he was attending a double staff workshop hosted by [...]

February 1 2017

August 9 2016

Tutsday – Lux Luminous – Leviwand – Vertical Under the Leg Toss Variation

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Greetings fine people of the flow arts! We are back again with another exciting and informative entry into the catalog of awesome tutorial magic brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute. This week, we have the incredible Lux Luminous with some awesome Leviwand tech.  Lux is an innovator and a massive influence on the [...]

April 5 2016

March 17 2016

Becoming a Part of the Festival: Volunteering & Teaching

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One of the best ways to attend festivals is to get involved by being a volunteer, instructor or performer. Festivals differ and vary from region to region but many offer free attendance or other perks for helping out; some festivals do not and take ticket sales from all attendants and helping out is just another [...]

November 4 2015

November Instructors of the Month | Morgan Goldberg & Gonzo

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Morgan Goldberg & Gonzo   Morgan Goldberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snWYJJoDL9w   Morgan started performing and training circus arts as a child at Wavy Gravy's circus and performing arts camp, Camp Winnarainbow. Her focus included aerials, acrobatics, theater and dance. Morgan continued her study of theater in college graduating from The Evergreen State College with a BA in Theater [...]

October 6 2015

Tutsdays: Marvin Ong Contact Club Chi Rolls and Spirals

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYEXdozFxuw Greetings fine folks!  We are back again this week with another Tutsday! This time, we have the unbelievably talented Marvin Ong, or Grand Master Ong, of Master Ong’s Prop Shop.  Marvin is an amazing juggler and manipulator who spends much of his time drilling patterns and techniques. He is known for his very [...]

August 11 2015

Tutsdays: Spin Fans like a Dragon

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8IedvFKIvo Greetings flowmies!  It is time, yet again, for the Flow Arts Institute’s weekly tutorial series, Tutsday! This week, we have the incredible fan twirling extraordinaire, Corey White teaching us how to roll a Fan like a Dragon Staff.  The Dragon Staff tamers out there will be familiar with this.  That’s right!  This is [...]

July 10 2015

Redefining Heckling: From Insults to Community Building

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  In a Scottish textile factory, one heckler reads aloud the daily news while his coworkers prep the days hemp fibers for spinning.  The banter rolls on into the morning hours at the start of each day. One man reading the news with an accompaniment of working stiffs interrupting, insulting, cracking jokes and debating with [...]

May 4 2015

Prop Storage: Great Walls of Fire

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Prop storage - an ongoing battle of hooks, nails, drills, hammers, closets, and corners. Here's a way to store your props with a relatively small footprint, while displaying them like the works of art they are! Materials Get ready for another hardware store trip, and start learning the employees' names (not important for your build [...]

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